Juvenile Justice Center Mural Project


A Collaboration of the McDonough Museum of Art, the Juvenile Justice Center of Mahoning County and Youngstown State University’s Department of Art, funded in part by the Ohio Arts Council.

The John J McDonough Museum of Art, YSU’s Center for Contemporary Art, together with Judge Dellick of the Juvenile Justice Center of Mahoning County and Michelle Nelson, Professor of Graphic Design in the Department of Art, undertook a project to design and install four murals for the walls of the county’s juvenile court including courtrooms and hearing offices. With supervision and input from Professor Nelson, Judge Dellick and court officers, undergraduate students in YSU’s Art and Design Program created the murals. These murals depict themes of community, social justice, respect for the rights of individuals, the institutions that protect those rights and related themes. The audience will be judges, lawyers, police officers, social workers, psychologists, youth involved in the JJC, their parents and guardians. The semester began with a visit to the JJC where students toured the facility. Judge Dellick pointed out each of the rooms designated for the murals and explained the judicial matters addressed in each chamber.

One of the murals will be displayed on the façade of the McDonough Museum for the general public during the Summer Festival of the Arts on July 7 & 8, 2012. The McDonough Museum of Art would also like to announce a billboard that will be on view in June and July on the Madison Avenue Expressway facing east in Youngstown. The design for the billboard was inspired by one of four murals currently displayed at the JCC as part of Community Conscience: A Mural Project. This billboard is strategically located between the Youngstown State University campus and the Juvenile Justice Center of Mahoning County.. We thank the OAC, Judge Dellick and Dr. Al Cinelli for creating this wonderful opportunity for our students.

The Ohio Arts Council helped fund this program or organization with state tax dollars to encourage economic growth, educational excellence and cultural enrichment for all Ohioans.